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3D Lipo Radio Frequency or Dermology

Natural vacuum and skin rolling techniques are employed in this unique 3D Lipo treatment at Dermacia's health and beauty salon.

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3D Lipo Radio Frequency & 3D Dermology

3D Dermology- How does it work?


3D- lipo Radio Frequency- How does it work?

Dermacia's health and beauty salon in London's Islington now offers the revolutionary 3D lipo's 3 dimensional approach to the problem of unsightly lumps and bumps under the skin by combining 3D lipo to destroy fat deposits, so that the body expels them naturally with the use of radio frequency technology to tighten the skin over targeted areas. The radio frequency treatment known as dermology works by combining vacuum action with a roller to increase the blood supply and circulation of lymph, getting rid of cellulite. This aesthetic beauty treatment is ideal for anyone who is worried about baring their body at the pool or on holiday, or who just want to smooth out any lumps for a smooth, slinky silhouette. It is also perfect for people who have dieted and worked out but still have fat deposits or cellullite on parts of their body as it targets specific areas. Clients can expect a little discomfort and some swelling and redness after the treatment.

Contact Dermacia now to find out more about 3D lipo radio frequency and 3D dermology treatments or to make a booking. 

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