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Advanced Nutrition Program Pure detox Pack

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Get glowing with the Advanced Nutrition Programme Pure Detox Pack. If your skin looks dull, or you’re feeling tired and ‘toxic’ from over-indulgence, embark on a one month top-to-toe detox programme and unveil a new you.


Skin looking dull, feeling tired and 'toxic' from over-indulgence, it’s time to embark on a top-to-toe detox programme!

The new Pure Detox Pack, from Advanced Nutrition Programme, is a combination of three supplements and advice that help you to cleanse from within and achieve better skin too: a great way to bring your body back into balance, boost energy and restore your skin's vitality.

The Pack focuses on the three Fs, aiming to Filter, Flush and Fight toxins. It is designed to support your liver when filtering toxins, your digestive system when flushing them and your immune system when fighting harmful free radicals. Pure Detox Pack is the perfect complement to a programme of professional detox treatments in health and beauty clinic environments as well as at home.

The Pack contains one month's supply of:

• Skin Pure - 60 capsules of Advanced Nutrition Programme's new detox supplement a complex of nutrients that support the liver to filter out toxins that are stored in fat. It contains ingredients which help break down and metabolise fat to release toxins. Take two per day with food.

• Probiotics - 75g of beneficial bacteria that help eliminate toxins. Take one quarter of a teaspoon twice a day mixed in juice, water or cereal.

• Skin Vit C - 60 capsules to support immunity and promote healthy skin. The skin is our largest organ of excretion and benefits from support during detoxification. Take two a day with food.

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