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Allergy Tests


Improve your general health by discovering your allergies and treating them at Dermacia's London allergy clinic


Allergy Testing at Our Islington Pharmacy

At Dermacia Pharmacy, we are determined to provide you with as much support as possible and our main aim is to ensure you feel healthy and at your best. This is where we aim to offer you a range of services, including allergy tests. We are pleased to offer a range of allergy tests in Islington and all of our team members are highly skilled and experienced in providing you fast and reliable results. It may be that you are unaware of any allergies you have but having this information at hand and being able to act on it will help you to get more from life. 

Dermacia offers skin prick testing for fast results

Skin prick testing involves administering minute quantities of allergens to your skin with a small needle to check if you are allergic to that food type. If you are allergic then the area will become red and itchy. Please remeber not to take antihistamines before the allergy test as it can affect the results.

Please contact us at Dermacia pharmacy on 020 7226 2780 to make an appointment or for further information about our London allergy clinic.


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