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Bio-garlic tablets 150 pack

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Bio-garlic tablets 150 pack
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Bio-garlic 300mg tablets. When garlic is crushed or digested within the intestinal tract, the sulphur containing amino acid derivative alliin is converted by the enzyme allinase (also present in garlic) into allicin, which is the most important of the active substances present in garlic. The activity of the enzyme allinase is reduced by heat, hence the physiological effects of cooked garlic are reduced.

The active compounds in garlic help maintain healthy blood lipid profiles; total cholesterol levels are reduced by approximately 10 percent (by mediating cholesterol synthesis in the liver) with a 15 percent increase in HDL cholesterol and 15 percent reduction in LDL cholesterol. Garlic derived compounds also help maintain healthy cardiovascular function in particular blood pressure, platelet adhesiveness and clotting. Garlic derived compounds have anti-microbial activity which helps maintain healthy immune function.

Garlic extract has powerful broad-spectrum antibacterial and antifungal activity, including effective action against candida species and helicobacter pylori. Garlic extract inhibits the growth of candida albicans directly via inhibition of cellular protein, nucleic acid and lipid synthesis, disruption of cell wall integrity and stimulation of cell death by increased oxidative stress. Garlic also stimulates the activity of immune system cells such as leukocytes and macrophages against candida albicans.

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