Blood Pressure Check


You need a certain amount of pressure in your arteries in order to pump blood round your body. This pressure changes as your heart beats, being highest as your heart contracts and being lowest while the heart relaxes.

When the pressure in your arteries gets too high, it is called hypertension or simply put you are said to have high blood pressure. This puts a serious burden on your heart, which increases your risk of getting heart attacks and strokes. High blood pressure doesn’t cause any signs or symptoms, and many people will not know if they are suffering from it. There are currently 16 million people in the UK diagnosed with high blood pressure.

There are many factors that can cause high blood pressure including poor diet, lack of fruit and vegetables, inactivity or being overweight. As having high blood pressure does not warrant any signs or symptoms, it is important to get your blood pressure checked once every five years for a healthy adult over 40, or once every year for someone at risk of high blood pressure.

At Dermacia Pharmacy we offer  blood pressure checks to all our patients and to the local community in Islington. The test is very quick and simple and you also get the opportunity discuss your results with our Pharmacist in our private consultation room.

So come visit our Pharmacy in Islington for your  blood pressure check and improve your life today. We will also give you advice and information on how to lower your blood pressure and can make a plan for regular check ups.