Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic
  • Flu Jab Service

    Getting the flu can be quite upsetting to your health and may stop you from carrying out your regular daily activities, but if you are otherwise healthy and active then you can expect it to go away on its own. Unfortunately, not everyone is and if you fall under any one of these categories, then it is highly recommended you get the flu jab done today to protect yourself from any future complications.
  • Malaria Advice

    It is essential for travellers visiting tropical, sub-tropical or developing countries to check whether malaria is present in any of the regions they will be visiting and to take adequate precautions against contracting the disease.
  • Business Travellers

    Operating a walk-in service seven days a week, corporate travellers can obtain free specialist business travel advice at any time during our opening hours without the need for a prior appointment.
  • Why do I need Travel Vaccinations

    There are two reasons why travellers, whether for gap year travel, backpacking or for business trips, need appropriate vaccinations. To find out more information click on our link.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccinations

    We are fully authorised to provide the Yellow Fever vaccination and as we are located just a five minute walk from the Highbury & Islington Underground and Rail stations,

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