Medicine Use Review

It is important if you are taking medication on a regular basis long term, or are taking multiple medication that you get regular reviews done with your Pharmacist, so they can ensure you know which tablets are for what condition and that you are taking them correctly and safely. It is also an opportunity to investigate the effectiveness of the medication for your treatment.

The Medicine Use Review is free service as part of the NHS that that gives you the opportunity to discuss your medication with our Pharmacist. If you are taking several medications or have a long-term condition, you are entitled to our Medicine Use Review service.

Dermacia Pharmacy is based in Islington and has highly trained staff at your service. All our consultations are held in a private room, so you can discuss any concerns or questions you have in private under full confidentiality. We are open 7 days a week, so contact us now to find out more about our Medicine Use Review service.