Dermacia Pharmacy

  • Derma Filler

    Derma fillers are appropriate anti-ageing facial filler which offer an effective non-surgical method to keep your skin looking young and fresh, while minimising the likelihood of suffering from wrinkles and tired lines.
  • Universal Contour Wraps

    The Universal Contour Wrap solution sees your body being wrapped in the contour wraps which have been left to soak in out sea clay solution, which is a completely all-natural solution.
  • Dermalogica Face Mapping

    When it comes to looking after your skin and ensuring it is in good condition for the future, it is important to know the current condition of your skin and of its condition in the past. At the Dermacia Pharmacy, we are delighted to offer Face Mapping, a unique form of skin analysis which examines the past and present of your face, allowing us to prescribe you with the highest standard of skin care.

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