Smoking Cessation

Quit Smoking

As smoking related deaths continue to reach an alarming number, it’s estimated that there are around 9 million smokers in the UK with over 100,000 deaths from direct smoke and over 12,000 deaths from second hand smoke each year. It is never too late to give it up and you will start reaping the benefits in as short as 20 minutes (blood pressure and pulse returns to normal).

We have all heard of the harms of smoking, and there has never been an easier time to give it up. There are many services open to help you quit including the Smoking Cessation Programme.

How you can benefit from quitting smoking

  • Improve fertility
  • Protecting people around you from second hand smoke
  • More energy
  • Save money
  • Live longer
  • Better lung function
  • Reduce chances of dying from serious smoking related causes including lung cancer, heart disease and COPD

At Dermacia Pharmacy in Islington, we offer smokers the opportunity to join our Smoking Cessation Programme, which is specially designed to support you in your journey to quit smoking. To achieve this, we offer one to one advice, consultations with our highly trained stop smoking advisors and nicotine replacement therapies.

So if you want to make a positive change in your life, then come visit our Pharmacy for your initial consultation on how to quit smoking.