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Cholera* (Dukoral) Vaccine

Cholera vaccine - 2 dose course at our central London travel clinic
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2 Dose Cholera Vaccine at Dermacia's Travel Clinic

Cholera is an infection of the small intestine that can be fatal.Travellers going to countries where cholera is prevalent are advised to come to our travel clinic in Islington to get a two dose vaccine that will protect you against cholera. Cholera is transmitted by eating food that is contaminated with faeces, or by drinking infected water.

Countries at risk

Cholera occurs in regions with poor sanitation, and little food hygiene and clean water. It is prevalent in areas that have had natural disasters or are at war. It is generally found in Africa, Asia and Central and South America, and around 3-5 million people are infected with Cholera each year.

Travel Precautions

When travelling, drink bottled or bolied water and do not eat food that is uncooked or fruit that you cannot peel. Be careful around hand washing and personal hygiene.

Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms can appear between 1-5 days after eating or drinking substances that are infected with the bacteria. Symptoms include vomiting clear liquids and diarrhoea, which can ead to dehydration and greying skin.


Cholera is preventable by a 2 dose Cholera vaccination course, with the Dukoral vaccine offering around 90% protection against the infection for 2 years.  

. Please phone us at our London travel clinic on 020 7226 2780, pop in to get a vaccination or for more information, visit the NHS website: Fit for Travel


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