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Ever ready corn & callous knife

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Ever ready corn & callous knife


Ever Ready Corn Knife provides instant relief from 

  • Corns
  • Callouses
  • Hard Skin
  • Safe & Effective

Before use, soften the corn or callous in warm water. Then hold the Corn and Callous Knife against the painful area and carefully pare down the hard skin with thin shavings. 

The space between the blade and the blade protector is graduated. Light paring is best done with the are close to the handle, for heavy paring use the area close to the blades point. 

Instructions for fitting a new blade:
Hold the Corn and Callous Knife with the blade holder curving away from you as illustrated. Keeping thumb and fingers away from the blade's edge and with the blade's edge facing right, carefilly insert the point of the blade into the tip of the knife. Then flex the blade and push the lower end to the left of the retaining hook. 

Only use Ever Ready Corn and Callous Knife Replacement Blades. 

Diabetics and people with poor circulation should consult their Doctors or Chiropodist before using this product.

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