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Hair No More

10 minute, pain free laser hair removal treatment from Dermacia Health & Beauty Clinic
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The New Wave in Laser & IPL Technology

This laser hair removal treatment at Dermacia’s skin salon uses SHR (super hair removal) technology to remove body hair quickly and without fuss. Low energy light is pulsed rapidly onto your skin to target hair follicles preventing regrowth of the hair. SHR is a safe and permanent way to remove hair from the body. The SHR treatment applicator is passed across the body, sending rapid pulses of light to take away hair. As it uses low energy light delivered rapidly it is pain free, as it just heats the follicles enough to kill the hair, so that you only feel a gentle, warming feeling on your skin.

Fed Up With Always Having to Wax or Shave?

Dermacia’s beauty therapists can treat any type of skin, however dark or fair, even tanned skin and it is perfect for both men and women who are looking for a permanent answer to removing stubborn body hair for a sleek, smooth look. A Hair No More treatment at Dermacia clinic in Islington has the trained therapist massage your skin between 6 and 10 times with the low energy applicator to remove hair. Dermacia recommends at least 6 treatments, as each Hair No More session affects 30% of the hair in the target area, and you can have the treatments in 4-6 week intervals. The number of Hair No More sessions at Dermacia depends upon your skin and hair colour and how thick your hair growth is, and also where you are getting the hair removed from.

Can All Parts Of The Body Be Treated?

Using the latest laser hair removal technology we are able to treat all areas of the body quickly, safely and effectively. We are the only skin clinic in Islington offering this exclusive treatment, so make a booking now, and say goodbye to body hair. Hair no More exclusive laser hair removal treatments offer the latest alternative to waxing and shaving, with our laser treatments giving our clients a permanent solution to unwanted body hair. Call now to make a booking for hair free skin at Dermacia health and beauty salon. Free patch testing

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