High Quality Waxing at Our Islington, North London Beauty Clinic

Dermacia Hot Wax Treatments

Nothing looks or feels as smooth and seductive as freshly waxed skin from a professional salon. You can say goodbye to the stubble that shaving leaves behind and experience long lasting smooth skin.  If you're looking for waxing services in Islington, Dermacia are your first choice. Our professional North London waxing team offer a full range of waxing treatments for the face, legs, and more intimate areas including;

Brazilian Hot Wax
Bikini Hot Wax
Facial Waxing
Leg Waxing
Back/Chest Waxing
Under Arm Waxing

Bespoke Waxing Treatments

Your comfort is our priority. Your treatment will include a personal consultation, which will determine your specific needs and the appropriate oils. This ensures a unique and bespoke experience treatment, carried out by our expert therapist. Even if your skin is sensitive to waxing, we ensure smooth results in a virtually pain-free manner.

Why Hot Wax?

We use hot wax, which is applied in a thick layer to coat every hair. As the hot wax hardens, it can be removed easily, taking the excess hair with it. Hot waxing is ideal for sensitive skin as it’s less painful than other types of waxing and it lessens the chance of ingrowing hairs. Regular waxing also makes hair regrowth a lot finer so that you can go longer between waxes.

Book an Appointment with Dermacia for Summer Smooth Skin Now

To book your waxing appointment at our luxurious Islington salon, call our friendly, discreet team on (0207) 226 2780 or email info@dermacialondon.co.uk now for perfectly smooth skin.

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17 Item(s)