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Massage - Full Body


Relax and enjoy a cleansing massage designed to soothe your aches.

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Nothing compares to the feeling of serenity and well-being after a Dermacia full body massage. A full body massage by an expert masseuse will improve the immune system, aid relaxation and sleep and will relax the muscles and get rid of any areas of tension in the body.

The Benefits of a Dermacia Full Body Massage 

Body massage is well known for making you feel great, but it has many other benefits too:

  • Relieves Stress
  • Aids Sleep
  • Boosts the Immune System
  • Reduces Muscle Fatigue
  • Reduces Inflammation

What to Expect from a Massage

Dermacia full body massage therapists will consult with you before the body treatment to choose the best treatment and massage oils for you. Then you will be taken to a warm, low lit room, where you will be asked to lie on a professional massage table, and then covered in towels, so that only the parts of the body that are being massaged are exposed. The masseuse will gently cover your body in aromatic oils, before targeting areas of tension, leaving you feeling relaxed and stress free.

Book your Dermacia Full Body Massage now, for that unforgettable feel-good factor. 

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