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NHS Electronic Prescriptions Service


Save time by having your prescription sent electronically from your GP's to Dermacia pharmacy

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Dermacia Pharmacy Can Process Your NHS Electronic Prescription

The Electronic Prescription Service is a new service from the NHS that allows GPs to electronically send their prescriptions direct to our North London Pharmacy. This saves you time having to go and collect your prescriptions, and is of added benefit to those who aren’t physically able to collect their prescriptions.

. Can I make use of the Electronic Prescription Service?.

If you currently receive repeat prescriptions from your GP, you most likely will be able to take advantage of the electronic prescription service. This means you won’t need to go and collect paper prescriptions from your GP and can come directly to Dermacia Pharmacy to collect your medication.

Also, another added benefit is, this dramatically reduces your waiting time, leaving you with more free time, as lets face it, nobody likes waiting around . As we would have received your prescription in advance, we would have it ready and bagged for you to come and collect in a matter of minutes.

. How can I set up EPS?.

To take advantage of the benefits of EPS and to choose Dermacia Pharmacy as your chosen pharmacy, inform your GP that you want your prescription to be sent to our Pharmacy. This is referred to as a nomination and the options available for a nomination include a pharmacy, a GP practice that dispenses prescriptions or an appliance contractor that dispenses prescriptions. We can also make the nomination for you, and you don’t need to have access to a computer or information to benefit from EPS.

. Do I have to use the Electronic Prescription Service?.

No, it is entirely up to you, if you would prefer that your nomination wasn’t sent electronically, inform your GP.

. Is EPS reliable, secure and confidential? . ;

Yes, the electronic prescription information will only be seen by the same people that have access to your current paper prescription, so this doesn’t change anything in that regard.


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