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Rabies (Instramuscular) Vaccine

Rabies Vaccine at Dermacia's Travel Clinic- 3 dose course
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Rabies Vaccination

What is Rabies?

Rabies is a viral infection that can be fatal. It is carried in the saliva of animals thar are infected, and can be transmitted via a bite or a lick from infected cats, dogs, bats and primates as well as other animals. 

Countries at risk

Rabies occurs globally and is the cause of around 60,000 deaths each year. Areas of low risk include Europe, Australia, Japan and North America, with most other regions having some risk of rabies.

Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms of rabies are similar to flu, with headaches and fever being common. The area that was bitten can be painful and as the disease progresses rapidly, sufferers can experience confusion, hallucinations and abnormal behaviour. Once the symptoms of rabies appears the disease is usually fatal.


A course of three injections of the Rabies Vaccine (Rabies BP or Rabipur) will cover against rabies and is highly recommended for people travelling to areas where they run a high risk of being exposed to infected animals. If you have been exposed to rabies, it is essential that you seek medical advice as soon as possible, even if you have been vaccinated against it.

Dermacia pharmacists can give prospective travellers a 3 dose Rabies Vaccine over 28 days, to protect against rabies.

Please phone Dermacia on 020 7226 2780 or pop in to our walk-in Islington Travel Clinic.  For further information, visit the NHS website: Fit for Travel


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