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Swissdent CRYSTAL

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A product engineered with patented biomimetic re-mineralization technology is proven to repair for the mineral loss from the tooth-enamel with its natural constituent CRYSTAL formula, works against dental aging, protect from cavity , reduces sensitivity, and nourishs the teeth with white and bright appearance.
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An extra effective repairing and whitening toothpaste. Engineered with patented biometric re-mineralisation technology, Swissdent Crystal Toothcream is designed to repair mineral loss from the tooth-enamel, working against dental ageing, protecting from cavities, reducing sensitivity and nourishing the teeth for a whiter, brighter appearance.

Helps to repair and prevent mineral loss on the enamel Gently removes plaque and prevents cavities Assists in protecting the gums and neutralising inflammation SLS-free RDA under 15 Paraben and fluoride free

How to Use
Use for 2 minutes before bed. Don't rinse before going to bed.

Papain and bromelain fruit enzymes to gently remove plaqueCoenzyme Q10 to stimulate cell renewal and protect against gum inflammationVitamin E to protect and revitalise gumsSodium bicarbonate to neutralise acid which cause cavitiesPatent nanotechnology: Nanoxyd (calcium peroxide in nano size) penetrates into even the small gaps providing the perfect bleaching resultBaking soda neutralises the acids which can cause caries, also a gentle abrasive


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