Tension Release Massage

Tension Release Massage
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Unlock Tension & Enhance Healing 

This tension release massage is a form of massage therapy that concentrates on reaching the underlying areas of muscle and releasing tight, painful knots and restoring the skins elasticity.

What to Expect from a Tension Release Massage

The highly trained masseuse will start by exfoliating your back before going on to target key areas of stress and tension in your back, shoulder and neck. Firm massage strokes are applied creating friction across the grain of your muscles to get rid of tension and knots. This deep tissue massage can help alleviate problems such as back pain, tiredness, sprains, bad posture and tightness in the lower back. To finish a stress-reducing scalp massage is applied to revive and recharge you so that you leave feeling relaxed and radiant.

The Benefits of a Tension Release Massage 

 A Dermacia Tension Release Massage is ideal for office workers and anyone sitting at a desk for a long time as well as sportsmen and women.  It alleviates muscle spasm and pain, sciatica pain and also releases toxins from your muscles, which allows oxygen and blood to flow unhindered. If you have chronic muscle or back pain, fibrous bands known as adhesions can form which cause inflammation and pain, a tension release massage will help break down these adhesions and improve mobility.

If you work with a computer all day, or in a high stress environment then a Dermacia Tension Release Massage is the perfect body treatment for you.

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