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Tiredness and Fatigue Check

Self-administered finger prick blood test to investigate thyroid function, Vitamin D and iron levels.


Most people suffer from fatigue and tiredness from time-to-time, often as a result of a recent virus or infection, but sometimes simply from doing too much. However, for some people, lack of energy becomes chronic and everyday tasks become more and more difficult.

This profile aims to get to the cause of low energy levels. Key tests include: vitamin D for fatigue, iron status for anaemia and TSH and free T4 for thyroid function. This self-administered finger-prick blood test is for anyone affected by tiredness or fatigue looking for a comprehensive screening test to investigate a broad range of related health areas.

How it works

Buy Test : Pop into our pharmacy and pick up your recommended screening test.

Post Sample : Collect your blood and post your sample to the lab in the prepaid envelope provided.

View Results : View results securely, online, in your personal GP reviewed report and return to your local Alphega Pharmacy for advice on next steps.

Important Information
This test is the first stage in understanding possible reasons for your levels of tiredness and fatigue and the potential next steps for tackling these. They are not a substitute for seeing your doctor, especially if you are suffering prolonged or severe symptoms, or if they are getting worse.
The Fatigue Screening Tests are reviewed by qualified GPs who interpret your results based on the blood samples and information you have provided. A medical condition may change over time, so a report which is accurate at one time, may not be accurate after a period of time. You will not receive a diagnosis or be provided with any treatment. You will be advised to see your doctor or pharmacist for any necessary follow-up action.

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