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Oral-b dental floss Superfloss 50 pack

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Oral-b dental floss Superfloss 50 pack
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  • 3 in 1 floss ideal for braces, wide spaces and bridges
  • Spongy filaments to clean around the appliances thoroughly
  • Effectively removes plaque not reachable under the gum line
  • Stiffed ends to floss under appliances

Oral B Super Floss is thick floss ideal to use on teeth with wide spaces and larger gaps. The dental floss is available with 50 pre-cut strands and effectively cleans the plaque saturated under the gum line which is not reachable due to the braces. The formula is an entire mouth care solution cleaning each and every corner of the mouth with its three in one capability. Maintaining oral cleanliness becomes difficult in presence of braces; the dental floss reaches each and every gaps in the appliances and cleans them thoroughly.

Usage Directions:

  • For cleaning bridges, implants and wide spaces: use the stiffened end through spongy floss between the teeth and the braces
  • Rub it gently in a back and forth motion to remove plaque
  • Expand the spongy floss to the regular floss section; slowly side the regular floss under the gum line
  • Follow the up and down motion to clean the plaque
  • Take a fresh section of floss for every use


  • Made of standard quality plastic

Each pack contains: 50 Pre-cut strands Oral B Super Floss


  • Store the product at hygienic place around your bathroom
  • Avoid contact with dust, dirt and other foreign particles

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