Non Prescription Eye Wear

Non Prescription Eye Wear

Eye Glasses from Dermacia

If you are squinting to read this then you may need eye glasses to help you focus on fine print. Over the counter eye glasses from your local pharmacy offer a simple yet stylish way to correct your vision, without having to visit an optician. As with prescription glasses, our eye glasses come in a rane of styles and colours, so you can even buy a few pairs to complement your outfits as over the counter eye glasses are less expensive than prescription glasses. 

Non-prescription glasses come in different strengths, that depend on how severe your problems with vision are. Dermacia advises you to try on different glasses and try to read small print so that you can determine the correct strength for your eyes. Sometimes people may need different pairs in different strenghts depending on the task that they are doing, such as whether it is a close up task such as sewing or playing a musical instrument, where you do not need to be as close to be able to play.

So, If you are having problems with reading, then Dermacia's range of non-prescription reading glasses are ideal as a low-cost solution - our range of Foster Grant specs are stylish and affordable so there's no reason not to have several pairs!

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