Travel Vaccinations

Travel Vaccinations

Travelling Abroad? Don’t Forget Your Vaccinations!

Dermacia's Travel Clinic, conveniently located near Highbury and Islington Station, is London’s lowest-cost walk-in travel clinic.

Why Vaccinate?

Whether you are going on holiday, backpacking or taking a business trip, if you visit some countries, it is advisable to find out what diseases can be picked up there are and then get the appropriate vaccinations. Travel vaccinations can give you protection against potentially life threatening infectious diseases, which can be caught by drinking contaminated water, by being close to an infected person when they sneeze or cough, or by being bitten by an insect.  

Some countries will not allow visitors to enter if they have not had the appropriate vaccinations, such as malaria, typhoid or yellow fever. Yellow fever is found is some areas of South America and Africa, and is transmitted by mosquitoes, and can lead to organ failure and death if it is not treated, but if you get a vaccination against it, it's completely preventable.

Dermacia is a registered Yellow Fever Centre, so we are officially able to give vaccinations against it. The World Health Organisation produces a list of the countries which require a yellow fever vaccination certificate so that you can check to see if you need to come and see us to get a vaccination.

We also provide treatments against Hepatitis A, which can be contracted through contaminated food, Typhoid which is caught via contaminated water or food, and is rampant throughout Asia, India the Middle East and Central America. Travellers can also get vaccinations against Meningitis, which is found in Asia and Africa. 

Dermacia Travel Clinic Can Take Care of All of Your Travel Vaccination Needs

We are proud to be London’s lowest-cost walk-in travel clinic and can provide more than twenty essential travel vaccinations and antimalarial tablets as well as a wide range of travel healthcare products and medicines. We are also a registered and accredited Yellow Fever Centre.

We offer travellers free consultations with our dedicated and professional travel health advisors and can provide up-to-date advice and information on the recommended course of travel healthcare for your overseas trip.

You can obtain travel health services from Dermacia Travel Clinic by calling in at any time during our opening hours with no prior appointment. Alternatively you can arrange a free consultation at a time to suit you by calling us on 020 7226 2780 or booking online.





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