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Tepe interdental toothbrushes Angle red 0.5mm 6 pack

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Tepe interdental toothbrushes Angle red 0.5mm 6 pack
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  • Brush is with original, extra soft and angle
  • Brush has plastic coated wire
  • User-friendly handle, easy for use

Tepe Angle Interdental Brush 0.5mm 6 Pieces Size 2 is designed for controlled and convenient interdental cleaning. This angled brush head makes it simpler to reach, especially between the back teeth and from the inside. The long, flat handle of the brush offers a stable, ergonomic grip. The brushes are all with plastic coated wire for safe use. It provides optimal cleaning, it is necessary to choose an interdental brush of the right size.

Usage Directions:

  • Use this interdental brush just once a day, preferably in the evening
  • Move it back and forth for a few times in each interdental space
  • Look in the mirror and use for easier and safe use
  • Change brush when you find that the filaments are becoming worn

Side Effects and Precautions:

  • Appropriate use of this brush does not lead to any side effects


  • Plastic coated wire

Each Pack Contains: 6 (0.5mm) Size 2 X Tepe Angle Interdental Brush 0.5mm 


  • Store it carefully in same package to protect from bending
  • Keep away from children 

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