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Typhoid Injection

Typhoid injection that can protect against typhoid - Typhim Vi or Typherix.
One dose of the Typhoid Vaccine protects for three years.
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Typhoid Vaccine

Typhoid fever can be transmitted by food and drink that has been contaminated with human faeces or urine. It can cause symptoms such as seizures, intestinal bleeding, pneumonia, swelling of the brain and toxic heart disease. There are around 16 million cases of typhoid globally each year, with 500,000 of them resulting in death.

Countries at Risk

Typhoid fever is widespread throughout many parts of the world where there is poor sanitation and food hygiene. It is found in South and South East Asia, Central and South America, the Middle East and Africa and it has been found in some Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Tajikistan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

Vaccination Against Typhoid

We can provide you with a injectable vaccine that can protect against typhoid - Typhim Vi or Typherix.  One dose of the Typhoid Vaccine Injection protects for three years.

Please phone Dermacia on 020 7226 2780 or drop into our walk-in London travel clinic. For more information, visit the NHS website: Fit for Travel


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