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When it comes to looking after your skin and ensuring it is in good condition for the future, it is important to know the current condition of your skin and of its condition in the past. At the Dermacia Pharmacy, we are delighted to offer Face Mapping, a unique form of skin analysis which examines the past and present of your face, allowing us to prescribe you with the highest standard of skin care.


The Face Mapping process is completed in less than ten minutes and we are able to provide a free service, so there is no charge for the Face Mapping process. We provide a 15 minute free consultation process that is available from Monday to Thursday in our Islington clinic and if you would like to arrange an appointment, we would be delighted to hear from you. Anyone looking to arrange a Face Mapping appointment should contact us on 0207 226 2780 and we will be delighted to hear from you

Dermalogica Face Mapping analyses your face via 14 different zones

The way that Face Mapping is different is that rather than analyzing your skin generally or as a complete package, Face Mapping analyses the face by separating it into 14 different zones. Every zone is examined on an inch by inch basis, combining touch and sight analysis, and all of the findings for each individual zone are noted separately. You will know yourself that some areas of your face may be more prone to problems than other areas so by focusing on separate areas, we can provide you with a more detailed and relevant analysis of your skin condition.

Our detailed analysis provides you with a bespoke visual guide to the condition of your face and we can pinpoint areas of:

  • Congestion
  • Breakouts
  • Dehydration
  • Hyperpigmentation

We believe that offering a bespoke and tailored service is essential in ensuring you receive the highest standard of support and treatment available. Face Mapping offers an accurate review of your skin, which enables us and you to determine the best possible treatments to help you feel and look at your best.

At Dermacia Pharmacy, we are delighted to be approved Face Mapping skin care professionals and if you would like to receive tailored and specialist support, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to arrange an appointment. We offer a range of treatments and our latest prices can be found by clicking here.

Dermacalogica Face Mapping combines modern technology with traditional values
We believe that Face Mapping provides a treatment that combines the very latest in skin care technology with the ancient traditions and benefits of Chinese Diagnosis, allowing you to receive the best of both worlds in looking after your skin. We promise to provide you with analysis and a review that is tailored to your needs and skin concerns. Being able to focus on an individual provides you with the opportunity to obtain exceptional results, and we look forward to helping you achieve happiness in your health and appearance.

As the condition of your skin changes and evolves over time, we recommend receiving this treatment on a regular cycle, allowing us to evaluate the impact that treatment or non-treatment is having. At Dermacia Pharmacy, we are fully committed to offering you long-term support and assistance in looking after your skin.

While the use of Face Mapping is naturally of benefit to understand what form of treatment your skin can benefit from, it is also important in informing us what sort of treatment your skin doesn't need. Many pharmacies will try to impose as many treatments on their client as possible but we don’t believe that this is the best way to care for a client. When you come to us and undergo Face Mapping treatment, we can provide you with skin care treatment that is tailored to your needs, ensuring you don’t have to take treatment that is not of benefit to you.


Face Mapping Grid

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