Optimum Care for Flawless & Healthy Skin


Skin care is key to the health and appearance of your skin, and with out the right skin care regime skin can become dull, blemished and dry. Optimum skin care focusses on the administration of vitamins and minerals, essential for your skins health, delivering everything the skin needs to restore, replenish and be healthy and bright

Vitamins and Minerals Essential to Skin Care



Working from the inside out is a great place to start, eating a well balanced diet with lots of nutrients, vitamins and plenty of water, but taking care of your skin from the outside too is paramount, and there are various vitamins which the skin craves on a daily basis.

First up is vitamin C, you'll probably already know how essential vitamin C is to our immune system, but it's also key for great skin health. Vitamin C is great for the skin because of two reasons; firstly it contains antioxidants, which are essential for young fresh looking skin, and secondly it plays an important role in collagen synthesis.

Vitamin C plays an important role in fighting the signs of ageing, and when applied to the skin regularly can increase the plumpness of the skin, leaving it looking fresh and bright.

Next in line is vitamin E, essential to the skin as it works to absorb harmful UV light from the sun when applied to the skin, minimizing damage caused by the sun. What's more is vitamin E works to treat inflammation to the skin, helping to soothe inflamed areas and reduce inflammation, improving any redness to the skin.

Furthermore, vitamins A, D and K are all essential to the skin, and all work towards optimum skin health. Whilst applying these vitamins in the form of creams and moisturisers is great, there is a better way to penetrate the skin and deliver great results...


Vitamin Skin Treatment at Dermacia Pharmacy



At Dermacia Pharmacy we offer the Environ Advanced Active Vitamin Facial, which is packed with nourishing, anti-ageing ingredients and a great way to administer essential vitamins to the skin.

A leading skin care brand, this facial by Environ uses state of the art technology, comprising sound waves and galvanic current to push the essential active vitamins into the deep layers of the skin, reaching layers that through just application of creams and treatments would otherwise not reach.

The treatment includes the freshest and most active forms of vitamins, as well as antioxidants which are driven deep into the skin, to soften lines, improve elasticity and increase hydration. The end result is youthful, plump, bright and healthy looking skin.

This treatment is the ideal facial to bright dull, tired, dry and hydrated skin back to life, delivering the essential vitamins that the skin needs.

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Active Vitamin Treatment (3 areas) (60 min) £65
Advanced Active Vitamin Treatment (10 areas) (90 min) £90

Located in London, Islington, our facials are delivered by trained, qualified and experienced practitioners, for bright and beautiful skin.