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Berocca vitamin B effervescent tablets mixed berries 15 pack

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mixed berries


When you feel you need more energy it's tempting to grab a coffee or a bar of chocolate. But the quick fix you get from caffeine and sugar doesn't last long and can leave you feeling worse a few hours later. The same goes for energy drinks that are often loaded with sugar and artificial stimulants. 

Berocca Effervescent 15's
 are packed with B vitamins, vitamin C, and essential minerals. Berocca is designed to help your body release energy from food and support a healthy immune system. What's more, its unique high-dose formulation could help support concentration and alertness making it a healthy alternative to caffeine and artificial stimulants.

If you've tried other nutritional supplements and found the taste a turn-off, you're in for a pleasant surprise as an effervescent Berocca tablet dissolved in a glass of water makes a refreshing berry drink most people really enjoy.

No caffeine, sugar, artificial stimulants and artificial preservatives. 
Gluten,yeast, 0.04g of salt and lactose free in effervescent Berocca.

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