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Typhoid (oral)

Typhoid Oral Vaccine at Dermacia's Islington Travel Clinic - 3 doses over 5 days


Oral Typhoid Vaccine

Islington Travel Clinic Service - 3 doses over 5 days

Typhoid Fever is transmitted via food and drink that has been contaminated with human urine or faeces and is generally found in regions that have poor sanitation and food hygiene. Dermacia's walk in North London travel clinic offers an oral Typhoid vaccine, that is given in three doses over five days. The Vivotif vaccine gives protection from Typhoid for three years, and this oral vaccine is ideal for children or people who do not like having vaccines in injection form.  

Please phone us on 020 7226 2780, pop into Dermacia Pharmacy in Islington or for more information, visit the NHS website: Fit for Travel


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